Hello Phoenix!

Hi!  My name is Bob Stroup and we are going to start an adventure in cooking, in YOUR BACKYARD!  Yes it’s going to be an exciting adventure with cooking, gardening and some interesting culinary tools and tricks.  My hope is to help you become a better BBQer, griller or just a better outdoor host.  Knowing how everything works will allow you to plan your cooking around your guests instead of the other way around.  Feel free to drop me a note about recipes, how to’s and suggestions on what you would like to see.  See you all in the backyard!

“What kind of knives do you use?”

This is a question I get asked from time to time.  I have an assortment of knives that I have collected over the years.  My early knives were stamped steel with cheap wood handles.  In culinary school we were issued both forged and stamped steel knives.  My chefs knife was 10″ long with a forged blade and a cheapo handle, no full tang.  It still is a good knife, heavy with a good balance.  I gave it to my dad a few years back and told him “It’s a thirty thousand dollar knife, be careful with it.”  I purchased some Wustof knives around that time, forged with full tang blades, real nice.  I found a guy on Ebay selling singles and I had him make me an offer on a set of my choice.  These are real nice blades and if you can afford them, go for it.  I will not sacrifice quality for an economical price but I have found a line of knives that is very affordably price and high in quality.  Winco has everyday knives to professional kitchen knives.  They have good metal, good handles, good design, good prices.  I bought several from Amazon and can’t be happier.  They look like the Wusthof blades in my knife block, only I know the difference!